O.K. with regret, I suppose I must put a picture of myself on my web site - anyway, you knew I was old - been showing cats for 44 years - so what have I learned? 
Oh Dear! Did I hear you say, "More cats out of the cage than in them"??!! Unfortunately, how true this is.


Sure! I have made some life long friends in the Cat Fancy (they are not all bad), it is only some who cannot help expressing themselves when they don't win, whilst others complain about everything & do nothing themselves, but rarely do these types of people survive in the long term.

As humans, I realize we can't all like one another, but we should all try to pull together for the betterment of the Cat Fancy.

I try to keep my total to a 10 to 12 number & do not keep desexed cats, as I believe if they are not breeding they are happier living in a family environment & I need to devote my 24 hours a day to my cats & kittens if they require my attention.

I live on my own as my husband passed away 20 years ago.

I chose "SKYBANK" as my prefix, because I was intending to breed blue Persians and there is nothing nicer than a clear blue sky or a good blue coat colour. The Bank is two fold because I live on a bank (Hill) over looking the city of Launceston and also to breed quality cats, one needs a good Banking Account to finance their aims of breeding near to perfection as possible.

I extend my Best Wishes to all my visitors & may True Friends be around you.